No longer taking registrations | service will cease in July 2016

About 5Things


5Things looks at your business finances to provide you smart and simple actions. Chase this invoice to help cash flow for your GST payments & keep the tax man off your back.


5Things comes to you, simply login with your MYOB details and 5Things will do all the work for you. Let 5Things free you from the stress of business administration.


5Things tasks are smart, simple actions created for your business from your accounting data. Learning from your accounts to give you tangible and actionable recommendations.

An invoice from Dave worth $1,500 is due in 4 days, with only $700 in the bank collect James' outstanding $800 to settle it

MYOB software


MYOB's AccountRight is a powerful and flexible cloud accounting software package which 5Things can easily work with. 5Things will do all the work, just sign in with your MYOB details and 5Things will learn from your business account information inside your MYOB.

Price to use 5Things

$0, zip, nadda, nothing

5Things is completely free. We want to enable you to stay on top of your business; saving you time, helping understanding your cash flow and reducing the risk to your business, and so we're launching free.

We will look to introduce charges to the service April 2015

Are you an accountant?

Send to your client or to your team

With 5Things you can choose to send the recommendations to your client, or (as many of our accountant users do) you could have 5Things send the recommendation to you. This allows you to control the conversation with your clients.

Quick preview for your clients

With our instant preview you have a quick look at the type of recommendations we can generate for your clients - before you sign up their file.

Painless access

With MYOB's shared files, you can quickly and easily activate 5Things on any of your client files connected to your my.MYOB account.